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Saturday, October 9, 2010

Bailey the Big Bully by Lizi Boyd

Theme: Bullying and Friendship 
Grades: K-3


 Bailey is the well known bully in school. Everyone is terrified of him. He is always used to getting his own way. The kids in the neighborhood try to ignore him, but it seems to spur Bailey on more. Even though all the adults in the neighborhood tell the children to "ignore him," it's near impossible. A new boy named Max will all change that once he moves into their neighborhood. Even though Max refutes Bailey's bullying tactics. Him and the rest of the children invite Bailey to their tree house.

Grades K-3


  • Discussion or journal response: 
    • Can one person change the behavior of a bully?  
    • Have you ever been bullied by someone?
    • Have you ever been a bully to someone?
  • Students can practice role playing  or  use puppets to demonstrate strategies discussed in the book to prevent bullying. Allow students to practice and use props.
  • Each student can write down a bullying situation that they or a friend have encountered on a small piece of paper. If the students are in Kindergarten you can have a discussion and write all situations on the board. Then, fasciliate a discussion about different ways to handle the situation without violence.
Even though this book does contain physical bullying as well as manipulation, these are experiences children will eventually come across at some point or another. Showing them appropriate ways to handle this is very important.

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