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Sunday, October 24, 2010

The Sissy Duckling by: Harvey Fierstein

Theme: Bullying
Grades K-3
The Sissy Duckling
Elmer is a duck, but the only thing is, he is a bit different. The other boy ducks like play sports and build forts, whereas Elmer likes to bake cakes and put on a show for everyone. They are constantly teasing him and calling him a big sissy. But the biggest sissy in the world can become a hero overnight. Elmer's father gets a wound from a hunter and Elmer saves the day.

Reading Activities-
  • After reading, have students pair shair the ways the Sissy Duckling was teased and how he was feeling throughout the story.
  • The students and teacher will then read, The Ugly Duckling. Once the Ugly Duckling has been read, have students pair share using the same criteria as before.  Students will then complete a Venn Diagram for each book.
  • Share it, post-it- Students will write down three activities they like to do. Place two categories on the board, Boys and Girls. Have teacher read each post-it and place them under each category. Discuss choices. Can some activities be liked by both boys and girls? Add a new column to your chart: Kids Activities. Look at each post-it over again and determine whether these activities can be liked by both boys and girls. 

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