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Sunday, October 24, 2010

The Gold Threaded Dress by: Carolyn Marsden

Buy The Gold-Threaded Dress, Carolyn Marsden, 0763615692
Theme: Bullying and Peer Pressure
Oy is a girl who came from Thailand and went to America. In her country her name was Oy, but when she arrived in America her teachers called her Olivia. Life for her was difficult; girls leave her out of games, and a boy named Frankie teased her. Oy was quite the artist, but when she drew her self portrait with brown hair and round eyes, she found herself the object of ridicule. The children called her, Chinese, which was not her nationality. No one talks to her, until the most popular girl, Liliandra finds out she has a beautiful, silk-threaded dress from Thailand that has been in her family f
or years. Liliandra wants this dress to make her look as beautiful as a princess. The question is, is Oy willing to risk her family's respect and loyalty to become popular?

  • Have you ever been pressured to do something you didn't want to do to earn respect from others?
  • Have you ever used or been used by someone?
  • Put Yourself in Someone's Shoes: Interview a classmate and write a diary entry based on that person's thoughts and feelings about school.
  • Be a journalist-Complete a research project based on the country and culture of Thailand. What are some of their customs? How do they dress? What foods do they eat?
  • Interview a Character: Partner up students so that one character is Oy and the other is Liliandra. Each student will take turns being the reporter. If your school has flipcams or imovie, they can dress their part and complete a news interview that will be played for the class.

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