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Saturday, October 9, 2010

Lucy and the Bulley By: Claire Alexander

Theme: Bullying

At school, Lucy was THE artist. Everyone would always ask for her to draw them different things. Everyone except Tommy.  Tommy made it a point to make fun of or ruin everything that Lucy made. Until one day when Lucy came home and her mother realized how upset she was. After the teacher stepped in, Tommy was no longer picking on Lucy and eventually they became friends.

For children in Kindergarten and First Grade

  • Have students discuss predictions for the book based on the cover, the title and the author (if you've read other books by Alexander). 
Post Reading/lesson Ideas
  • Have your students create a mural showing various situations at school where bullying takes place and then have them relate these murals to the story by drawing a scene that they made a personal connection with. 
  • Have students draw a cartoon  with thought bubbles showing what the characters would be saying or thinking if they were handling bullying situations in a healthy way. 

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