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Sunday, October 24, 2010

The Brand New Kid by: Katie Couric

The Brand New Kid
Theme: Bullying and Friendship
Grades: 1-3
Lazlo is a a new transfer student from Hungary. He thought he was in for a great year at Brookhaven elementary school, but he was in for quite the surprise. He had never felt so terrible before. His new school was not as he expected. Because of his differences, he was ridiculed and tormented.  His looks were different, his mannerisms were different, which made him the perfect target. At first, Ellie and Carrie, two young ladies at school, took part in the taunting, then they realized he had done nothing to deserve what the other children put him through. They befriend him and the rest of the class sees what a great person he really is. 

Pre-Reading: Discussion Questions/Journal Entries
  • What was your first day of school like? Do you remember your feelings? Write about how you acted and felt on the first day of school.
  • Why do you think people pick on others?
  • Why were the kids in class so mean to Lazlo?
  • What did Ellie do to make a difference in Lazlo's life? Was this important?

  • Students will write an acrostic poem using the word, "Welcome." On the first line (word will be written vertically) students will write a word or a phrase that begins with the letter "W". The teacher and students will continue with each letter. Once you have completed this, have students create their own using the word, "Friendship."
  • "Lights, Camera Action" Students will role play using several different situation: New kid at school, bully, a child who always plays alone at recess, the new kid at school picks on others, etc.

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