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Saturday, October 9, 2010

Elizabeti's School By: Stephanie Stuve-Bodeen and illustrated by: Christy Hale


Theme: Self-Esteem


Elizabeti is Swahili and it's her first day of school. She has new shoes, new clothes and a positive attitude. She couldn't be more excited about it, until she gets there. She realizes that she misses her family and she doesn't know many children there, until she sees one of her friends who introduces her to this new wonderful world. Everyone is so friendly and she begins learning new things about school and life. She realizes that school is a great place and making friends isn't so bad after all.

Pre-Reading and Post-Reading Activities:

  • Discuss background knowledge about people from Tanzania. Complete a BKWL Chart about Background knowledge, what students Know, Want to know, and after reading, complete the learned column.
  • Have students complete a journal entry: Have you ever been new to a school or a situation? How were you feeling and what did you do to try and feel more comfortable?
  • Write a letter to a new student: Your class can write a letter to an upcoming student. Tell them all about your grade level and what to expect when they arrive. Make them feel good about entering a new environment.

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