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Saturday, October 9, 2010

Bootsie Barker Bites By: Barbara Bottner

cover art
Theme: Bullying

Bootsie is a designated play date because her mother is the friend of a girl in her class. But once they are told to play, Bootsie begins to terrorize the younger girl. She bites and she kicks and is a  mean bully. Our narrator is told by her mother that she must learn to get along with other children and she means Bootsie. At first, the little girl tolerates it and does not tell on Bootsie because she is ashamed. Then, she does the right thing and tells a grown-up as well as give Bootsie a taste of her own medicine.

Pre-Reading Journal Entries:

  • What is a bully?  A bully will do these things:  hurt, tease, hit, threaten, leave other out, call you names, spread rumors about you. 
  •   How does bullying make you feel?  Some feelings are:  angry, sad, lonely, confused, scared, worried 
  • Special Friend-Students will find a stuffed animal that represents the part of them that stops the hurtful words and actions from coming out. Each child will then describe why he chose that particular stuffed animal.
  • Toss a Compliment- Students will throw a beach ball around the room and share one compliment or one thing they like about another student in the class. 

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