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Sunday, October 10, 2010

How to Lose All Your Friends By: Nancy Carlson

Theme: Friendship
Grades Pre-K-2
This book is a guide to anyone who wants to lose all of their friends. This is the "what not to do book," when trying to be a good friend to someone. There is no main character in the story, just several characters being crabby, not sharing, eating all of the cookies, and locking the door to their room so that their friends can't play with their toys. This book discusses several instances that we see in the classroom on a daily basis: sharing, tattling, cheating,etc.

  • Have a class discussion with students and make a T-Chart about what makes a good friend and what does not make a good friend.

  • Winning Friends-Divide students into small groups and ask them to brainstorm ways you are able to win friends. Once students have had about ten minutes to discuss, go around the room and ask students to share their suggestions which you will write on the board. If they have suggestions that have the words "no" or "don't" try and help them change it to a positive connotation.  
  • Investigative Reporter-Students can create a documentary about friendship. They can interview people within their school and at home about what makes and breaks friendships.
  • Students can also make a class book by choosing one of the examples written on the board and illustrating each concept along with a sentence or two about the quality they chose.

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