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Monday, September 13, 2010

Tacky the Penguin By: Helen lester

Tacky the Penguin is a wonderful story about embracing ours and everybody else's differences. 

Grades K-4
Theme: Bullying and accepting others' differences

Tacky, the penguin, lived with five other penguins. But Tacky was not your ordinary, proper penguin. he was odd and did everything different. One day, several hunters came to hurt Tacky and his friends. All the penguins, but Tacky, hid. Tacky confused the hunters with his different behavior. Finally the hunters ran away. Even though Tacky was different, the others were glad to have him around.

  • Students will preview the cover and back cover of the story. Have them make a list about the differences they see between Tacky and the other penguins.
  • Discuss character traits and why we may like some characters we come across while reading.
  • Character Award
    • Students will create a character award ribbon. The components for this will be:
      • Illustration of the character
      • Character traits this character possesses
      • What did the character do to deserve this award

Lesson Plan Ideas
Lesson Plan Ideas about Penguins 

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