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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Rainbow Fish By: Marcus Pfister

Theme: Rainbow Fish is a wonderful story about Friendship.
Grades: K-2

Rainbow Fish is a wonderful, award winning, children's book series, as well as a television show after the books became such a hit. 


In the original book, Rainbow Fish, Rainbow Fish is the most beautiful fish in the deep blue sea. However, just because you're because you may be beautiful on the outside, does not mean you have a beautiful spirit on the inside. Rainbow Fish's scales were so beautiful, sparkling with colors of purple, green, and blue, that everybody wanted at least one. All of the other fish would ask Rainbow Fish to come and play with them, but Rainbow Fish wouldn't even acknowledge they were there. Even though Rainbow Fish was beautiful, he he was unhappy because he had no friends. One day, one of the fish he swam by everyday asked for one of his beautiful, shining scales. Rainbow Fish's scales were the most important thing in the world to him. So he refused and the other fish ignored him every time he swam past. One day, he received some very good advice from a wise Octopus and he finally decided that the friendship of the other fish were of greater value then his beauty. He gave each fish one of his shining scales. 

Pre-Reading Activities:

  • Discuss Friendship with your students. Create a Friendship web as a class. Discuss what makes a good friend and what your students look for in a friend.
Post Reading:

  • Use the template shown below and have students (Grade 1) write what they think a friend is. Provide them with the sentence starter: "A friend is..." 
  • After reading, brainstorm what a friend is and write students responses on chart paper.

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