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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Pink and Say by: Patricia Polacco

Theme: Friendship and the Civil War
Grades 3-8

During the Civil War,  Sheldon, a 15 year old was an injured union solider who was found wounded in Georgia by Pinkus Aylee, an African American boy.  One white and one black, both boys struggle to survive during the war. Pink took Say back to his mother's house (Moe Moe Bay), and the two of them nursed him back to health.  Sheldon, who once shook Abraham Lincoln's hand, becomes  close friends with Pinkus and the extroadinary friendship begins. Pink, being the educated one, taught say to learn to read and several other lessons about life. Until one day, after the death of Pink's mother, they were captured and separated from one another. Sheldon lived on to tell the brave story of the man who saved and changed his life.

  • Complete a picture walk and discuss the differences between the two boys in the story.
  • Have you ever been friends with someone who was completely different then you? Did you have anything in common?

  • Photo Album: students will choose 5 scenes from the story they feel represent the strongest moments in Pink and Say's Friendship. Students will then illustrate each scene and write a caption and short paragraph about it.
  • Hands of Friendship-Two students will trace their hands (one over the other) so that it looks as if they're shaking hands. Then, on each finger students can write 5 things about their friendship, or 5 things they learned about the friendship of Pink and Say throughout the story.
  • Pink and Say came from two completely different worlds. Brainstorm ways kids can be more tolerant and accepting of each other. Write them on the board. Then have the children work in small groups to create posters about accepting others. Display the posters in the classroom hallway.

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